My name is Sue van Geijn
You can call me Sue.


Sue van Geijn is a storyteller. 

She does action driven research on emotional contextual subjects. This means nothing more then being busy with subjects close to her heart, and critically re-thinking the things/people/places she finds on her way.

She designs ideas, by capturing not only the cause but also the additions to the subjects. She explores every subject as a social, simple-hearted, real experience.

Also, she builds communities; Through events, workshops, meetings, lectures and more. Her own communities or commissioned communities. With an activist attitude, while being hopefully/hopelessly subtle.

Her dream is to collaboratively work on designed stories, shared over big groups; Learning from the past and moving onto new realities in the immersive nearby future. Stories that are mediated, humorous and take the reader/ experiencer/resider with a smooth slither into the Unknown…

(L) (K)