A contextual intervention about having a love relation with a building.

Place: the W139

Date: June 2016.

Participating artists: Kazuma, Roos, Iris, Diedrik, Emile en Sue

Initiator/concept: Sue

Review on MetroplisM: http://metropolism.com/reviews/u-u-me/



“When I am being asked to make an exhbition, I begin with making an exhibition about making an exhibition. I always have to question the question before I can do anything else. “ Sue as initiator of UU and ME

uu&me #9

There is a house/ A wooden house/ There is a lady/ There is a fire/ In the lady/ In the house/ The wooden house/ Burning/ Burning/ Burning/ Gone.

uu&me #4

“We had a strick set of rules from which we worked together alone:

  • No works have existed before
  • All works are build up during 8 days
  • No works can ever leave the space again
  • Everybody can interfere in the works of the others
  • All works engage with the whole space and nothing but the space”
uu&me #6

This intervention was a try-out for a bigger show in the beginning of 2018. Keep posted.